Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Common Ground

I'm 44 and white. He's 68 and has a way better tan than me...

Yesterday Eric came into my store wanting to know how to use his 1911. He is a Vietnam Veteran who after leaving the Marines in 1982 hadn’t shot a firearm since. So the next day Eric and I went to the range and I worked with him, helping him learn to shoot. And learn about other factors that will help him shoot better including efficiency, recoil management and how a stock 1911 works for a left handed person… or doesn’t. He learned what he didn't know about shooting and that for his needs a different gun is a better choice.

Standing on the range together gave us chance to learn other things and discover the common ground we shared.That Eric wants the country he loves to be okay. The same as you and I want our country to be okay.

Our conversation was unedited. We covered all the topics with none of the social correctness or tiptoeing around so many worry about. It was just us two guys listening to and talking with each other.

We agreed on our common goal that the next generation should have a desire to work for “it”. What is “it”? Work for your money and earn your keep... Help others when you can and know when you can't... Respect life. Appreciate what we do have and while striving for more to not hate others for what they've accomplished.

This Marine and many more service people helped make my gun shop possible by preserving and defending our freedoms including being able to publish these thoughts and observations, like this post, with other people.

Freedom. Recognize it. Respect it. Protect it.

A month ago I was told by a young man that "Diversity isn't a color. It's a mind set".  I agree.


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