Tuesday, May 12, 2015

For those who wear blue

Polished boots and blue pants
make up my daily wear.
A bullet proof vest and gloved hands
can't save me from those who don't care.
Many will judge, many will guess,
my job is an open book.
Though forward I trudge, I'll do my best.
Most don't even give me a second look.
I'm allowed no mistakes, no not one,
on any given day.
I must perform, no matter the stakes.
I may lose either way.
I deal with fear. I deal with loss.
I have emotions I can't show.
Don't shed a tear at any cost.
I have pain most will never know.
I've seen birth and I've seen death,
I have been part of it all.
I go home to a family just like yours but
have to put up a wall.
People will talk, people will stare,
They look at me with spite.
But when violence comes to their lair
I show up in the middle of the night.
I do my job no matter their race, no matter which neighborhood.
I see the fear written on their face,
though I'm only there to do good.
I just want to go home alive,
And hug my kids like others.
For peace in this town is for what I strive,
with the help of my sisters and brothers.
We'll never get rich, we'll never be known ....like so many movie stars.
Sometimes we bitch, sometimes we moan... But we always get back in those cars.
Belts that are heavy and feet that are sore.
Minds that are busy while we walk through the store.
Every corner can pose a new violent threat.
We stay on our toes and we place our bets.
Today could be it, when I answer that call.
I don't hesitate a bit, I go to them all.
For though I've been spit on and called every name.
I'm proud of this badge and will bring it no shame.
I do a job many won't, but second guess me they will.
I'll be on the front page if I am ever forced to kill.
I help sell papers and make for a good story.
I take all the pressure and get none of the glory.
For those that see me and talk under their breath.
I still step forward between them and death.
I'll do this job proudly until my last days.
My kids will say loudly I needed no praise.
I wanted nothing but peace for those where I live.
And like so many others my life I may give.
So sleep well my friends, in your hometown.
Because until my last shift ends,
I'll always be around.......

For those in blue everyday everywhere.

Ernie Traugh
                           " The will to survive is instinctive. The ability to survive is learned" Chris Smaby

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